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Church History

House of Refuge International Church, Inc. was originally named Love Faith and Deliverance Church of Christ, Inc.; they were established in Baltimore, Maryland on March 20, 1992.  Elder David Hatchet, Sr. was presiding over the ministry during this time. Elder Hatchet fell ill and assigned his son Corey D. Hatchet the task to continue the work in the ministry.


The Lord was preparing Corey in the earlier part of 2002 for the office of pastorate, but he did not know when, where or how long it would be. Shortly thereafter, one Sunday morning in November 2002, his father said he was releasing the ministry into his hands indefinitely. Faced with the fears of failure, lack of credentials and young in age, he assumed the task that he knew the Lord gifted him to do. The Lord’s stamp of approval and validation was enough to move him forward. 


The Lord spoke to Pastor Hatchet one afternoon and gave the name of the new ministry He was birthing; it was to be called the “House of Refuge” derived from Psalms 91:4 “…He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take Refuge.” He wrestled with this for two years. He wanted to make sure he was not acting out of his flesh, pressured by outside forces, or his own desires. He repeatedly tried to forget about it, but the burden wouldn’t leave. Those that Pastor Hatchet has sought much counsel told him, that it was better to be obedient to the LORD than to suffer from disobedience. He finally confronted his father with the vision God had given, and Elder Hatchet told him that he had to do what the Lord purposed him.


On November 07, 2004, House of Refuge International Church, Inc. came to fruition. In August 2006 with the grace of God, the church went under reconstruction and moved the sanctuary from upstairs to first floor of the church as it is seen today.  Our mission is to "Reach and Make disciple Making disciples." This is accomplished by  serving God, worshipping the Lord in spirit and in truth, evangelizing the word of God to all, to provide support to those who are hurting, in need, suffering, abused, and forsaken. To teach and train our families, friends, children and surrounding community the word of God and promote their well being in every aspect. HRIC believes in prayer, teaching of the Word, breaking of bread, fellowship, and having fun along the way.

Recently, under the leadership of Pastor Hatchet, his wife, and the HRIC family; we have begun an initiative “The Campaign to Conquer 21216” to address the social ills, disadvantages, brokenness, struggle, and blight within the community. The focus has been to reach every person in the area block by block.


Currently we are partnering with surrounding churches, and associations to address the most pressing essential needs. Some of the needs are basic food, clothing, and supplies for school, counseling, mentoring, and spiritual guidance. The end goal is to become a hub and model to other organizations to help educate, empower, and enrich the lives of the lost, suffering, overlooked, and disadvantaged. We intend to bring beauty, health, wealth, healing and wholeness to a much needed community and give a voice to those who have been ignored and unheard.


Pastor Corey D. Hatchet, Sr. and his wife Lady Tonya Y. Hatchet lead this flock hand in hand with a purpose to reach this generation with love and care through Jesus Christ.

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